Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Speaking of friends

Everyone I want you to meet my new friend, Luna. Luna is an AK bore Lorée, serial number OR73. And Luna is mine.

Why is she named Luna (like the Roman goddess of the moon)? Well I've always considered myself somewhat of a moon child. I love watching the moon when it's full. It's just so beautiful. I feel as though it almost calls me to look upon it.

When I was considering whether to name the instrument or not I got a little inspiration. Mind you, there is not one drop of poet in me, so the following will probably sound a bit corny. But it is why my oboe is named Luna.

Your Siren's call beckons me to a vast ocean
where your gravity pulls me ever to you.
You are the light that brought me out of darkness,
the answer to years of heartfelt prayers.
You erased the tears of my meaningless existence
creating a sweetly illuminated backdrop.
Together we will be until the sun rises in another life.

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