Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Second time around

So I listened to my little recording again tonight with JC. He confirmed that the professional one does have some reverb which makes sense since they'd want to emulate performing in a hall. He copied my raw file and gave me some reverb too. It makes up for my lack of vibrato LOL!

But even before he did this I heard it through once and I didn't feel as bad about it as I did yesterday. We connected the computer to better speakers tonight and it does sound like an oboe, not a confused saxophone. What a relief! You can't imagine.

I do need to work on expression and dynamics but maybe the sound is not quite as bad as I thought it was. Maybe it's an ok sound for a fairly new student.

I can sleep in peace tonight.


Corinne said...

Hey. This is a pretty cool blog. How long have you been playing oboe? Just curious. And yes, heh, I am an obsessed oboist - isn't it fun though?!

Hilda said...

Welcome, Corinne. I am very proud of my oboe obsession! I am enjoying it much more than I could have dreamed. Of course there are ups and downs but overall I feel that my life is so much richer now. So I guess this blog is my little tribute to it.

I started playing in December so it will be 6 months in June.

How about you?

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