Friday, May 20, 2005

The Dynamic Duo

The bassoonist didn't show up. No surprise there. Actually it turned out that Rufi never called him. But supposedly he will definitely be there next Thursday. I can hardly wait for the Dynamic Duo to become the Terrific Trio. For some reason I'm really excited about the prospect of playing with a bassoon. I guess it will finally feel like a legitimate orchestral experience or something. As a saxophonist I've been around clarinets all along. But a bassoon is something else. Plus the trio music we've been practicing feels like it will be so cool once all three parts are there. And of course I'm already looking ahead to when we'll be a quartet. My friend Marty has already offered her flute services.

There is so much music out there that I want to play! It's so great. I think I can play my whole life and never run out of new pieces to learn.

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