Saturday, April 12, 2008

The final countdown

There is a possibility that I will be getting induced this coming Wednesday, April 16th. This will be one week ahead of my due date. Basically the doctor no longer feels comfortable with my borderline high blood pressures and feels this might be best for both of us. I was initially sad about the thought of "forcing" the baby out, but I do agree that it's the safest thing at this point. I'm just happy we made it this far.

So this is potentially our last weekend together as a couple. As of next weekend we'll be parents! Though we're excited as can be about the baby I have to admit I feel a little anxious about the upcoming change. We've been a couple for nearly 12 years and now the dynamics are going to change for ever. I am sure it will be for the best but I know that it will take some time to get used to it. My husband is not worried at all at this point, which makes me think he's in for a rude awakening haha!!

I forgot to put up a link to my shower pics. Here they are: shower pics.

My shower was on Sunday, March 9th at a restaurant in my old neighborhood in Manhattan. It turned out very well, thank God. I had been stressing out about it since I ended up having to pay and plan for everything myself. Friends of mine from all my social circles were there: my close friends growing up, girls I went to grammar school with, high school friends, college friends, friends from my old corporate job, musician friends, church friends, my current work friends, and of course, relatives. It was great to see their enthusiasm for my baby. I guess it helped that we waited over 6 years after getting married to finally go for it.

I will know for sure tomorrow whether or not I am getting induced on Wednesday. I have to go to the hospital tomorrow morning for another NST (non stress test) and a cervix check-up. I've been getting occasional mild cramps so I hope that at least something is going on so that the induction has a better chance of actually working.

At first I felt like I wanted only my husband there but now I do want my Mom there too, though I will prohibit both of them from standing anywhere but at my head. It's not that Mom and I are not close, it's more that we have a sort of reverse relationship where I was a parentified child who always had to be strong for her. I wanted to have the freedom to be weak if the pain got to me and I am unable to do that with her around. But now I realize that I don't want to be weak and that I actually need/want her there. We're trying to figure out the logistics because my parents don't have a car and I will be deliving in Connecticut and now my Dad is having 6 dental implants placed on Tuesday. Oh well, we'll figure something out.

Thursday and yesterday were revisit weekend at Columbia's medical school. Revisit weekends are an opportunity for accepted students to meet their potential classmates and to get a feel for the school. The schools try really hard to sell themselves. I had a great time (though I was exhausted by the end of it) and feel much better about the school now. Though it's the school that makes logistic sense for me because it's walking distance to Mom, I had concerns about it in the beginning. The bureaucracy there is still a pain, but most of my other worries have dissipated. They showed me an initial financial aid package which is decent enough that it would be possible for me to attend, but I will still wait on the other two schools to see if there is some bargaining I can do. Also, I do want to attend Cornell's revisit in May to make a final decision about where I really want to be.

I can't believe that as of late Summer my life is going to be so different as I will be a Mom and a medical student. *gulp* Oh yes, and hopefully I will be an oboe student again at that point. Yay!