Tuesday, April 19, 2005

My new friend

Yep that's me. And yes, that's Joe Robinson! You gotta love New York. You can bump into some really interesting people. This picture was taken on Sunday at the recital I attended at Manhattan School of Music. It was a studio recital of all his students from MSM. I was invited by Michelle who I met when she put her oboe up on eBay.

Five students played that night. All were on oboe except for Michelle who played English Horn. The pieces played were:

Concerto in F Major - Franz Krommer
Sonata No. 1 - Handel
Sonata for English Horn and Piano - Hindemith
Six Metamorphoses after Ovie - Britten
Sonata in C, Op. 71, No. 3 - Francois Devienne

I really enjoyed listening to all the wonderful players and interesting music. Everyone was really great! They all had great sound, technique, and expression.

I also bumped into one of the girls who played English Horn at the Columbia University concert earlier this month. Turns out she's a grad student at MSM which means that Columbia has to recruit some of its oboists from outside. She was very optimistic about my being able to find a niche there once I get my "chops" down. That would be absolutely dreamy!

After the recital they had a mini reception and that's where I got introduced to Joe. He's really funny and nice. I had read an interview of him a while back and he was just as funny in person. We talked about him possibly putting up some of his reed making stuff on eBay. We were trying to convince him that he'd get tons for it. I wonder if he's going to play much at all now. I didn't want to ask. But I did wish him well. And he in turn wished me well in my oboe pursuit. I'll take that as a blessing. Woohoo! Maybe I captured some oboe greatness via osmosis. I can only hope. :-)

Oh gosh, I think I'm regressing back to my groupie days. LOL!

Which reminds me . . back to Gibbs Free energy . . .


Waterfall said...

Very cool! Sounds like a great experience for an up-and-coming oboist. :)

dulciana said...

Good for you for taking advantage of that event and getting to meet an oboe great!

Hilda said...

Oops I had missed these comments. It was indeed very fun to meet all those cool people. :-)