Sunday, April 10, 2005

I suck at Ebay!

Ok so I was all set to win that oboe from eBay last night. The auction was over at 12:36 this morning. At around midnight someone bid 3k which was the reserve. I told myself that I'd go up to $3200. A few minutes later I make $3100 my max. I had the highest bid at that point. I then started freaking about someone outbidding me at the last minute. So I go back in to make $3200 my new max. By the time it goes through $3200 has become my new bid (someone else had bid $3150). Now there are only a few minutes left and I'm refreshing constantly. 50 seconds left. 40 seconds left . . . 10 seconds left. OH NO!! Big red X on my screen "You have been outbid". By the time this even registers and before I can even think whether I'd be willing to go up to $3300, the auction is over. I'm thwarted by Carole1984. *cry*

Well at least now I've learned some eBay skills. And I get to try out some newish horns from McFarland's and Oboeworks. "All's well that ends well."

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