Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Oboe updates

I have been unable to make many musical entries lately but rest assured that I am still quite involved in my musical pursuits.

In case I haven't already mentioned it or hadn't made it clear, I have a new teacher. It's going very well so far I think. She's an amazing player. I just love listening to her play. At my last lesson she demonstrated some scales and even those were beautiful to listen to. Her sound is really lovely, even up in the high register (where mine is still mousy). She is also very intelligent and perceptive. She was able to pick up that I had been horsing around with my practicing lately. I had been playing every day but I was sort of only half there. She was firm with me about how I should be practicing and it was just what I needed. I've been better able to concentrate on what I'm doing this week. My scales are becoming more even and I think the sound is improving again. My problem remains endurance (which took a nosedive since I changed my embouchure) and time. I really want to work up to 2 hours a day but it might not happen until I am done with work and back at school. And even then I am counting on being able to snag a few practice room slots for the semester. Luckily I will have Friday completely off so that will be my time to catch up on reeds.

One thing I noticed is that I'm more inspired to practice if I'm frequently listening to orchestral music. It's true that you need to have a sound that you want to model. For me, listening to stuff on my way home gets me in the mood to practice. I start yearning to be a part of it all and that makes it easier to do those long tones and scales. So long to that summer music I was dancing to! My new teacher has been making me CDs which is nice. Last time she gave me a recording of Albrecht Mayer playing the Schumann Romances. It was interesting to compare his playing to Allen Vogel's.

Maybe I just thrive under stess or something. I was practicing more (and working out more) when I was in school. Hmmm.

Anyway, I'm not sure yet if there is woodwind quartet rehearsal tonight; I will have to email the gang. The rehearsals are going pretty well. We're getting more familiar with the music and now we will try to work on the nuances. JC attended our rehearsal last week and took some pics.

Here I am being all smiley before we start. Notice the mirror and the tuner on my stand. I have to make sure I'm doing things right! By the way, if I smile any harder my face would crack.

This is us in action. Check out my wonder dimple! Do I look like a real oboist yet?



Stephanie said...

You *do* look like a real oboist! :)

oceanskies79 said...

Yes, you look lie a real oboist. I thoroughly agree with Stephanie. All the way!

Hilda said...

Thanks, girls! I wish I felt like a real oboist though hehe. My scales sounded better today or so I thought. But then I had the bright idea of recording myself playing some real music. Ugh. I wasn't very happy with how it came out. At least I had a good time playing the night before!