Thursday, July 28, 2005

Nice week so far

If I had known how happy quitting my job made me I would have done it a long time ago. Ever since I broke the news to my manager I've been feeling increasing better. I've now had several great days in a row. I just feel so free and alive. Like I'm ready to take on the world. I wanted to capture this feeling in writing because once I'm knee deep in Organic Chemistry I will have forgotten what all the excitement was like. But for now I will enjoy it. I am elated at taking control of my life. Soon I will no longer be spending almost 10 hours of every day doing something I don't care for.

I had another lovely drive in. I *will* miss that somewhat. But then again I can always just drive up for fun. The weather was in the low 70's and about 50% humidity. It was wonderful to drive with the windows all down.

My practices have been pretty good for the last three nights (quartet rehearsal was cancelled last night). I've gotten close to the 2 hour mark each day. Though it would be best if I did this in two sessions so I can rest my lips. Last night I played on a different reed, one that had felt too hard all the prior days. Maybe the less humid conditions helped. Last night it was the only reed that would play in tune. The others were all sharp. Tonight I need to do more scales because yesterday I spent almost all my technique time on long notes and slow intervals. Last night I did reward myself with two pieces at the end. But by then my mouth was so tired! Maybe I should do one piece at the beginning and one at the end.

I think I'm making progress. I'm really praying that my teacher will confirm this on Sunday. By starting all over again I am better able to work on ALL aspects of music at the same time (since the music is way easier). So rather than rushing through the beginning exercises simply because I happen to be able to finger them ok, I am concentrating on getting more things correctly this time around: my posture, my breathing, my embouchure, articulation, intonation, sound, and dynamics. The result is that now my playing sound more musical. Or at least I think (and hope) it does. Maybe I should record it again. But then again that usually tends to discourage me.

I called my first teacher yesterday because he had left messages on both my cell phone and my home phone. I'm now wondering if maybe I should have been more clear about what I wanted to get from him. But that's so unlike me to make demands, especially of an older male figure. I feel bad because he's concerned and wants to help me out with reeds and stuff. He's really kind, but I just feel I am getting so much more from my new teacher. I hope he's not sad but I told him that I won't be taking lessons for the time being due to school. Hopefully after some months have gone by I will have the guts to tell him that I started attending a new school (for logistical reasons, of course - errr, to be closer to school). I'm such a wuss. Why can't I just say the truth? But I'd hate to cause someone who helped me a lot any pain.


patty said...

Ah, Hilda ... I know it's hard to disappoint or worry about even angering a former teacher. But really, teachers are used to having students leave. If he doesn't understand then I would suggest he isn't a great teacher anyway. Shoot, I sometimes TRY to get my students to move on; it's very helpful to go to someone new and learn what that new teacher has to say. I would suggest that your new teacher is a VERY good change for you! Enjoy the new one and don't worry about the old.

Happy Oboing! :-)

Hilda said...

Thanks again for the advice you've offered me with my teacher dilemma. And thanks especially because it was through your site that I came in contact with my new teacher!

Happy Oboing to you too!

oceanskies79 said...

About you not rushing the beginning exercises, I thought that was a good idea.

Even if it would take more time, if you practise things the proper way, you're actually practising right.

Hilda said...

Yep I think you're definitely right. It's very hard sometimes. We get impatient and we want to move along fast. But we'll be thankful down the road if we take the time to build the foundation properly. I have to remind myself of this.