Friday, July 29, 2005

Cimarosa on my mind

Ahhhh I have the intro to Cimarosa's "Concerto for Oboe and String in C Minor" on my mind. What a lovely melody. And my two favorite chord progressions are featured in the first 30 seconds.

Yes, the oboe still pierces my heart and fills me with a feeling of warm, liquid electricity. I thank God that I've found something that brings such rapture to my life.

I'm going to go hear that movement again now. Ciao!


dulciana said...

I still remember the first piece I heard that made me know I had to learn to play the organ. I was working on something in another room when that track on the CD started (it was a chorale prelude by Buxtehude), and I had to get up and go and stand in front of the speakers to get the full effect. I don't know much Cimarosa - will have to check it out!

Hilda said...

Isn't it great to remember that? That's why I'll always have a special place in my heart for the Sibelius's "Swan of Tuonela". Though it's an English horn piece it was THE piece that lit the fire in me. After hearing it I developed a voracious appetite for Oboe and English Horn music until it finally became clear to me that I simply had to play it.

I hadn't really heard of Cimarosa much myself. I knew that he had written some oboe music but I had never seen it before on Rhapsody (the digital music service) until today. The reason I searched for it again was that I found a MIDI version of the accompaniment on the IDRS site and liked the harmony.

I can't wait to hear about your organ adventures once you start playing again!