Wednesday, June 29, 2005


A few days after the end of our semester my little crew from Chemistry class, as well as the professor and TA, went out for dinner. There were maybe twelve of us total and we had a wonderful time and talked about all kinds of things. Throughout the semester we sat next to each other in class and had a lot of fun talking about science and making fun of each other.

At one point the conversation turned to what we were planning to do for the summer and one of the guys who knew about my musical pursuits (because I emailed him a lot during my clarinet vs. oboe debate) spoke up for me and said "I'm sure Hilda will be busy with her oboe all Summer". I flashed a kool-aid smile and said that I indeed hoped to spend as much time on music as I could. At that point one of the girls in the class turned to me and asked me about my musical activities so we talked about it for a little while. Prior to that I hadn't spoken to her as much as to the other people in the group. She told me that she had been playing piano pretty much all her life and was really intrigued by my story. She even offered to help out if I ever needed accompaniment or wanted to play with someone.

I didn't think much about it at the time but remembered her when I got my copy of the Oboe Solos book. As I mentioned before I was having trouble understanding the pieces and wanted to hear the accompaniment. I thought that maybe I should contact the pianist from Chemistry and offer to pay her a fee for recording some of the piano parts for me on a tape. I was a little shy about asking her because maybe she was busy or didn't really want to deal with a beginning oboist. Then I ended up getting busy with stuff myself so I never got around to writing that email.

This morning one of the guys from the group sent an email to everyone with a medical link. When I saw her name again I remembered about the piano stuff and decided to google her. That's when I almost snorted my orange juice as I laughed at myself. This is the girl from Chemistry class.

She kept her amazing musical career so well hidden! I would have never imagined. She always stood out but I figured it was because of her stunning looks. Little did I know. *giggle*


Emrah said...

Ahem! You must be kidding! :-)

Hilda said...

They do say that truth is stranger than fiction. It is indeed true. She and I are now corresponding via email. :)