Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Musical commercials

Something about this Subway commercial bothers me. I think I just hate the harmony or something. It's almost painful to listen to.

On the other hand, I think this JG Wentworth commercial is a riot. You true opera fans are probably like "get a life" but this one sure beats that stupid Optimum triple play commercial that is overplayed. I may have mentioned this before, but in case I didn't, I HATE REGGAETON! The only part I look forward to is when it almost turns into a merengue for 5 seconds when that red hydra guy comes out of the water.

Another one I like is the 50 cent Vitamin Water commercial. Every time they cut to the timpani player it makes me crack up. He looks all into it. I wonder if at least one person got intrigued by orchestral music from this?

And here's Alanis's favorite: K-9 Advantix.

One of my goals for the future is to finally get into opera. I guess for now I'll just sing the JG Wentworth song hahahaha.


T. said...

If you want to get into opera, may I recommend La Boheme for a start...

Also, you've been given an Arte y pico Award. Please check my blog for details!

TVSpot said...

You should be carefull in leting your children spend too much time warching television spots .