Sunday, September 24, 2006


As promised here are some cute kittens. They love to play around the pile of music I have in the basement. If you look closely there's my original copy of the Corelli:

There are three kittens total:

Here's the Mommy. She was our friendly neighborhood stray. We used to feed her so she was comfortable with us and allowed me to move the kittens indoors. I couldn't bear the thought of them being cold and wet outside. Also one of our neighbors threatened to call the pound on them.

She's actually a very good cat. Very friendly and docile. She likes to meow a lot which is cute. She also took to her litter and scratching post immediately. And she even likes to play music sometimes:

Watch out, Schoenberg!


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Waterfall said...

Are you sure those cats are related? ;-) They are adorable. I love tiger kittens. And I'm sure the mama cat is a lovely pianist!