Saturday, March 04, 2006

What was that?

I'm sure many other music students do the same thing that I do every once in a while. Sometimes in the middle of practicing I will take a moment to play a snippet of some piece that I really like but is still way too hard for me. Even if you fumble it it's still fun to play real music.

One of my favorite little pieces to play badly in the comfort of my own home is the intro (first 4 bars) to "Le Tombeau de Couperin". I attempt to play this one at least a few times a week. Sometimes I play it ultra slow so that I can get all the notes, but then it doesn't sound very fun. Other times I play it at tempo and mess up the arpeggios but manage to save the trill-like second bar.

Well, tonight something miraculous happened. Maybe it was because I was so relaxed. I was getting tired of my one note exercises and decided to do my little Couperin thing. To my amazement, on the first try the first two bars both came out correctly for the first time ever. I was so amazed that I just stopped playing and screamed! HAHA! My husband was there and he clapped for me while I was busy laughing and screaming.

That was such a high! It's hard to express just how elated I felt right after I had nailed that. I wanted to smile so hard that my face would crack. Music is so wonderful :-)


Deadoodle said...

I wanted to say that i really enjoyed reading your blog! I am a flute player and I appreciate a lot of things that you are saying. Like picking a piece that you like that might be way to hard and playing it just because you like it. I am so with you there. Check out my blog its Talk to you soon-Deadoodle

Waterfall said...

Your practicing is paying off! Congrats! I know just what you mean. I'm still waiting for that magic moment with my new Liszt piece, but I think it's going to be awhile before it happens!

Yes, music is wonderful. And there are hundreds (thousands? hundreds of thousands?) of wonderful little moments like in the Couperin, just waiting for us to discover them for ourselves.

oceanskies79 said...

I shall applause for you too. You are getting there.

Hilda said...

Thanks everyone! And welcome, Deadoodle.