Saturday, February 04, 2006

Short and sweet

After a week of haphazard short practices I was finally able to get in over an hour last night and tonight. That was great. It's crazy how quickly your endurance suffers. My embouchure felt a bit weak for the longer practices so I will continue to focus on that. Tonight my fingers felt more comfortable than last night which is good since last night I felt somewhat clumsy on my scales. I've been working on my other Sellner exercise (an F major one) and have most of it ironed out now. Sometimes B-flats still trip me up. I sometimes stumble with fingering between A, B-flat, and C. I still blame it on the saxophone!

I hope to work on more reeds after my exams next week so I should have at least 2-3 to bring with me to the lesson on the 22nd.

So there you have it. I've been running around taking care of a lot of school related stuff and my practicing suffered. I also haven't worked on reeds in almost two weeks! But now that things are mostly settled I should be able to get back to my old routine. I won't be able to step it up to the next level (2 hours/day, practices with others) until after the semester is over. I just hope to be able to get 30-60 minutes in daily during all the MCAT craziness. My Kaplan course starts tomorrow! *gulp*

My bassoonist friend called me yesterday to let me know that he's still interested in the quartet but is very busy right now too. I guess the timing works ok. Now I have something to look forward to for the Summer. It will be amazing to play with the quartet again. I think I will be able to contribute more now that my intonation and sound are better. And it will be fun to read and play a greater variety of music.

Because of the cost of my Kaplan course I was unable to apply to the Apple Hill summer program. But I *will* look around and see if there is anything local for adults. More on that later. For now, sleep. :-)


oceanskies79 said...

Have a good rest. I think one part about practising music is to be able to give allowances for oneself to make mistakes and even experience slipping back in standards of playing. That will help one keep away from discouragements while working on improving one's playing. My two cents worth.

dulciana said...

Hope the course is going well! You'll be able to devote more of your brain to music in the summer, so don't beat yourself up right now!