Thursday, January 12, 2006

Still alive!

Hey! I'm still here and still practicing every day, though not always getting the full hour in this week. The program I'm in will be over tomorrow and then I should have time to update more frequently again.

I had two bad days of practice earlier this week. I think this was because I had a BAD fight with my father on Sunday. It was so bad that I had physical symptoms of rage and everything and then felt ill/tired for the next two days. On those two days my practicing seemed to go back but I did it anyway. Luckily last night things were back on the upswing. My embouchure is feeling more confident and my intonation was good. Even that high A was sounding better. Yay!

Is it normal for your emotional state to affect your playing?


patty said...

My moods can certainly affect whether or not I practice, that's for sure. And if I'm ticked off at someone here at home I'll play crassly to let them know! I'm petty that way.

But never to do they have an affect on a performance. One minute I can be in tears, or be as angry as all get out at someone, and the next I'll be playing a solo and what is out in the "real world" is simply gone. It has to be, really. Only if I'm physically ill or injured have I felt that my playing suffered (like when I cut my finger and had to play Les Mis).

dulciana said...

I think I sometimes use my playing to escape those moods. Like Patty said, my mood can affect my motivation to practice, but somehow, when I'm actually playing, I turn everything else off and I'm completely immersed in the music. I remember long ago, my uncle came to get me at college to take me home because my grandfather had died. Home was a long trip, and we spent the night at their house before setting out the next morning. I played their piano pretty much the entire time we were there. I think I was avoiding the grief, actually. Music can be a respite from emotional turmoil - at least, if you can get past the turmoil enough to get to the instrument.