Sunday, January 08, 2006

I'm not tone deaf!

Hahaha! I had fun doing this test I found on Patty's site.

The results are in. I'm not tone deaf. :-p

Hearing Test Results
You correctly identified 26 tunes (out of 26) on the Distorted Tunes Test. Congratulations! You have a fine sense of pitch.

Thank you for taking the Distorted Tunes Test. More information about the the NIDCD's research into tone deafness is available from Dr. Dennis T. Drayna's web page.

As I was taking the quiz I was asking myself "are there really tone-deaf people?" It's not an entirely facetious question. Music has always been such an important part in my life and I have always been able to hear it well. I have never really stopped to think what it would be like to not be able to understand pitches at all. I read up on it a bit and while the term "tone-deaf" is used casually to refer to those with no musical training (and little talent) there really is a medical condition that prohibits some from hearing differences in pitch. These people can not appreciate music. How terribly sad. :(


dulciana said...

I think there are a few tone deaf people around - one of them just joined my choir. (Groan.)

Hilda said...


*hands Dulciana some ear plugs*