Tuesday, September 06, 2005

First Day of School

Hey fellow bloggers do you ever get a desperate sensation when you have a lot of things you want to blog about but no time? I feel so relieved right now as I write this entry because for days I've needed to get these three entries off my back. I felt like I couldn't do anything else anymore until I finally wrote these.

Anyway, so today is my first day of classes. This is what my schedule looks like:

Monday: Organic Chemistry 1:10 - 2:25
Tuesday: Biology 5:40 - 6:55
Wednesday: Organic Chemistry 1:10 - 2:25
Thursday: Biology Lab 1:00 - 5:00, Biology 5:40 - 6:55

There is a morning section of the Biology lecture. As a postbacc student I am not allowed to register for it (they want us all to test together) but I can attend those lectures instead of the evening ones. I might start doing that especially on Thursdays. Because today is my first day I will attend the evening section.

So as you see I am not in class for a terribly long amount of time every week (about 10 hours). However I estimate needing to study somewhere between 30 and 40 hours on top of that. This is based on my prior experience with the other courses as well as that of students who have completed the "orgo/bio" year. I have to become a lean, mean studying machine so that I still have time for my oboe! The nice thing is that I am forced to come into the City early in the morning with JC in order to avoid duplicate commuting costs. The only thing I will be able to do the entire day is head to the library and study. Of course I'm sure other things will pop up every now and then, but if I can manage to put in a good 6 hours or so every day that I am on campus I will not have to do much at home. Maybe I should keep track of where I am spending my time. That might be kind of interesting.

I was excited last night but was able to get a good night's sleep. Unlike how I was when I had to get up for work, this morning I woke up before the alarm (even though it was set an hour earlier than usual). I woke up and felt happy about the day ahead. What an interesting feeling! As we drove towards 95 South I looked back and saw the backed up traffic heading North towards Connecticut (my old commute). I can't express just how happy I was to not have to go in that direction! I am sooooooo happy to be out of Cubicle Land!

We got into Manhattan in 45 minutes which wasn't horrible. It's only a little longer than my CT commute. After that I took the subway down to pick up some cupcakes at Billy's Bakery. I heard about that place on some tabloid magazine. Apparently every time that Katie Holmes in town she has to pick up several dozen of those cupcakes. Because only a few of JC's co-workers were able to make his party I wanted to bring some of the celebration to his job. I hadn't walked around Chelsea much (other than hanging out on 23rd street). It's really a nice place (I guess it's sort of like Gramercy Park). It was so nice to see every one walking around. People of all ages, races, sizes, etc. I felt like I had finally come home. I was no longer out of place in suburban CT. I am back where I belong! I hadn't realized until recently that where you are has a big impact on how you feel. Even if my job had actually been interesting I don't think I could have ever been truly happy there because I simply didn't like where it was located. Perhaps I will be satiated of NYC by the time I'm completely done with school. If I am then, fine, I'll set up shop somewhere near our house. If not, then I will find a way to work here in the City despite the saturated market.

So where was I? I picked up two dozen cupcakes and then took the train back up to Harlem. I've hung out here at my husband's job all day which means I've already started procrastinating. I was supposed to go to school early to read some. There's still time!

It was so nice to eat rice and beans and pollo guisado (chicken stew) for lunch.

I had enough vacation pay to cover 6 days so it is fitting that today is my first true unemployed day. As I head to campus I can definitely say that the first day of the rest of my life has been very good.


dulciana said...

"I hadn't realized until recently that where you are has a big impact on how you feel."

So true! But, I'm the type who feels claustrophobic in cities. My oboe playing roommate in Boston was just like you - she loved the city. We took a trip to NH together and stayed in a B&B in the mountains. I was happy as a lark, but she was spooked by the space and the quiet! To each his own!

Hilda said...

I do love the country. My mom grew up in rural Dominican Republic and it has been my favorite place in the world since I was a young kid. However, having been raised in Manhattan it's really the only place that feels like home.

Now I finally have the best of both worlds. We live in the "burbs" now which took some getting used to but now I appreciate. I love hearing the sound of leaves rustling and songbirds in the morning. But before when I was also working in the burbs I was missing the City terribly. Now that I am in school in the City I get to exprience both of my worlds. I wake up happy in the morning and ready to go yet when it's time to come back home I am ready for the peace of it too. It's great!