Tuesday, June 26, 2007

False alarm

So I ended up not having a lesson after all yesterday. Maybe it was for the best because my nerves are shot in anticipation of my MCAT score tomorrow (they will be posted online at 5PM EST).

Yesterday's plan was to meet my teacher at the Rose Rehearsal Studio in Lincoln Center. She had a rehearsal there and we were supposed to use that space for my lesson once the rehearsal was over. I asked if I could show up early to watch the rehearsal and she said it would be fine. However, when I get there it turned out that they were moved to a very small room with no extra chairs so I was asked to sit outside. That was mostly ok (I'm used to being kicked out I guess) because I sat out there chatting with a nice man, who later turned out to be a Grammy award winning sound engineer. That was my first hint that maybe I was in the wrong place. My I-don't-belong-here senses were tingling. Then a bunch of jazz stars walked out of the room during a short break: Wayne Shorter, John Patitucci, and Danilo Perez. Add to that my teacher's entire group was there too. I was pretty starstruck and starting to get uncomfortable. Add to this that a very wonderful professional string quartet began to rehearse next door. By then I was pretty sure that I wasn't going to feel comfortable enough to play anywhere NEAR there. The last straw was when a well-dressed woman warned us that a board meeting was starting in 20 minutes in the big room (the one the rehearsal was supposed to be in). I was then sure that I could not let the benefactors of Lincoln Center hear my humble oboe playing. Also, the rehearsal showed no signs of being anywhere near over and they all sounded like they were having a great time so I didn't want to ruin if for my teacher. I texted her that I was leaving and started my long trek home - walk to the subway, 2 subway trains to Grand Central Station, MetroNorth train to my town, and station pick-up by nice hubby to drive me home (less than a mile, but I was worn out).

I was quite sad the whole way home because I had been excited about my lesson. But it was fun to be that close to musical geniuses. My, what blessed and glamorous lives! If you can't join them, then at least you can learn from them :-)


Anonymous said...

hmmmm- seems to me it would've been nice if your teacher had texted YOU ahead of time and said, "Sorry let's reschedule"! I hope you at least get a sincere apology. (And maybe a freebie reed??? :) ) I would have been thoroughly intimidated by the Lincoln Center environs too---
how far do you usually have to travel for a lesson?

Hilda said...

Yeah she felt bad that I left and left me a voice message about it.

Before she moved she was only a quick subway ride (10-15 min) from my Mom's apt in upper Manhattan. I used to go for my lessons on Sundays after church. Now she moved to Queens so we have to do it on a day that I am already in the City for something else. From my house to Queens by car is a good hour because of traffic (though it's maybe only 25 miles). If I were to take public transportation it would be double that. But if I am already in manhattan for something then it's maybe 45 minutes by subway.