Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Play-In on Saturday

The MCAT is exactly a month away. It feels surreal in a way. I have dreaded taking this test for nearly 15 years and can't believe that it is coming up so soon. Let's hope that I can provide the final push I need to get me there and get me a decent score.

I am supposed to be taking full-length practice exams each weekend but am taking a break this Saturday in order to participate in a local "play-in". Here's part of an email I got earlier this week:
Hi fellow ACMP enthusiasts.

I have been an active local ACMP participant for over 20 years.
I've played
with some of you and been in touch with quite a few
of you over time. A few months
ago I began working at the
Music Conservatory of
Westchester, and I think it is a wonderful
resource for us. Recognizing the possibilities, we have set up
a Free
Play-In for Saturday April 28 from 1PM-4PM.

Features for the day are:
MEET AND GREET for ACMP members and their friends (coffee and
cake will be

FREE PLAY-IN in our acoustically excellent 120-seat recital hall
and other
fully equipped rehearsal rooms.

WE PLAY TOO. Meet, talk and play with MCW Staff.

DISCOVER what the Conservatory can offer you.

As stressed as I am about the MCAT I'm wanting it to come and go already so that I can go back to enjoying my music. I plan for this to be the "SummerO'Music". I want to play as much and with as many people as I can. So it was interesting timing to get this email this week. I am trying hard not to expect too much (I've been let down so many times before). But maybe, just maybe, I will come out of this with some good contacts and the possibility of an ensemble. That would make my life just perfect! I am willing to exhaust all my resources to find myself a group by the end of the summer, but it would be great if it happens this quickly. Well, at least they'll have free cake if all else fails.

If this play-in thing doesn't work out then I will try the following, in that order:
(1) Look into local summer music programs at music schools and community colleges.
(2) Look into such programs in other areas of the country.
(3) Call up my musician friends and try to get them motivated again.
(4) Call random people from the ACMP directory.
(5) Cry.

Hopefully I will find a group before getting to option 5.


Anonymous said...

Go for it! I've done "walk-in" things like this before and it is a lot of fun-- and you will make some contacts. Since you live in NY already, you should think about the IDRS conference too..... the reading sessions are the best!

Guanaco said...

I know how you feel. Although I do play in a beginner's community orchestra, it is frustrating that most of the group shows up only sporadically - less than half the total at any one rehearsal. Needless to say, we don't seem to get very far from week to week.

Good Luck!