Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Moment Musicale

Check out this email I got today:

Hi Hilda --

My name is XYZ; I am co-musical directing "Merrily We Roll Along", a full-length musical written by Stephen Sondheim going up in Lerner Auditorium December 8 and 9. We are looking for musicians to play the Reed 3 part, written for clarinet, english horn, oboe and tenor. If you would be interested in playing oboe and any of those other instruments that you might play that would be fantastic. We are getting close to show time and are still very short on pit musicians.

More information is below; let me know if you're interested.

I am excited, but scared that I'm not good enough. I can only go for oboe because I am too rusty on sax and it would mess up my oboe embouchure.


dulciana said...

I hope you went for it!

mel said...

just found ur blog!

im an oboist too! ive played in a 'merrily' production - lots of fun, not much to do if ur just on oboe (some nice little moments in slower songs)

good luck!

Hilda said...

Thanks for cheering for me Dulciana :-)

And hello Mel! Yeah, I've had to transpose all the EH parts and some of the clarinet ones too in order to fill up the time. Do you have a blog or email ? I'd love to know more about you and what kind of music you're doing.