Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My Symphonic Debut!

So I stop posting for a few weeks and now I get to tell you all that my symphonic debut will be next Tuesday and I will be playing Beethoven's Fifth! Nope, I am not joining an orchestra just yet, simply participating at a "play-along" here at school. I couldn't be more excited! It's as though my adrenaline has been pumping ever since I saw the first flyer for it last night. I have no idea how it will all work out. Will all the orchestra members be there and we will be doubling up? That's what I'm assuming. In preparation I've gone ahead and borrowed a copy of the full score from the music library. I am not about to blow my debut by messing up with the sight reading.

I have not been a good little oboist. But it was not entirely my fault. I was sick for 9 days! So sick in fact that I missed many days of practice. I am heart-broken about this and now struggling to restart my daily practice habit. Luckily my score of the Corelli/Barbirolli Oboe Concerto came in yesterday so perhaps that will help me get back on track. It's always such a pain to deal with sloppy chops. *cry* Just when I was starting to make real progress I had to go and catch a bunch of viral bugs. I won't despair though, I have next week to look forward to and that alone should be enough motivation.

I went ahead and contacted the oboist I met a few weeks ago at that other school's orchestra rehearsals. She and her teacher seem really nice and once I am done with the semester we will be getting together to chat about all things oboe and to play some trios. It will be nice to meet up with others who are oboe obsessed.

Ok I am going to go practice on my reed alone now!


patty said...

Hope we hear all about the experience, Hilda! It sounds like a lot of fun. There's one tiny little oboe cadenza in the fifth that's always been a bit of an enigma to me. Just what did Beethoven mean by it? Is it a semi-joke or is it "for real"? The last time we did the work the conductor had the principal oboist write her own cadenza. She did a wonderful job, but everyone said they preferred Beethoven's very short little ditty.

Wishing you a very blessed Easter.

oceanskies79 said...

Beethoven's Fifth. It is exciting to play it. =)

Please do give yourself permission to rest and to recover. Who knows, your oboe playing skills may actually get better after the initial struggle of restarting your practice routine all because you have time to rest and have not strained yourself.

Hilda said...

Funny that you say that Patty because on the score that I borrowed someone wrote in "oboe cadenza . . . why?". Since I'm always up for a little solo oboe action I didn't think anything weird of it when I first heard it. But now I see that many are wondering what the point of it is. *giggle*

Thanks for the Easter wishes! I hope that yours was blessed too.

Thanks for your advice PY. I was being a bit hard on myself because I sounded quite bad when I first went back to the oboe. Then there was the guilt to deal with too because I had become unmotivated. But I think I turned the corner finally. I am back to where I was before the craziness and more determined than ever. Hope your practices are going well!