Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Countdown to Freedom

Surreal - that's the only word that comes to mind when I try to describe how it feels to be so close to the end of my term in corporate America. I'm sure reality will sink in once I am studying several hours a day.

I'm sorry I keep writing about this but I need to remember how good it feels right now so that when the tough times come I can put them in perspective. I have been happy every single day since the day I told my manager I was leaving. That was July 18th! Amazing! This might sound macabre but if I were to die now, I think I'd die happy!

Moving on to music. I've now heard two Copland pieces I liked in as many weeks. I guess he's my new composer to explore. This morning I listened to "El Salon Mexico". The other piece I think was part of "Appalachian Spring". Appa-lay-shean or Appa-latch-ean? I dimly recall of debate about this while I was in school. during my history of modern music class.

Happy Birthday Debussy (though I'm technically a few hours late)!! He was one of the few composers I was remotely familiar with growing up (I was a big fan of the Arabesque No. 1 for piano) and he will always remain one of my favorites for his gorgeous harmonies (you gotta love parallel 6th chords!). Claude, your music always resonates deeply for me.

Lastly, I did get to practice today. I procrastinated for three hours (Yankee game) but finally did get my butt down to the basement. I ended up doing my full hour plus a little more. It was mostly scales and I even ventured into 4 flats and 4 sharps (slowly because of that left handed D#/E-flat)! I also went over some of the quartet repertoire. Let's pray that there is rehearsal this week darn it. I want to play!!


Waterfall said...

Appa-LATCH-un if you live in Appalachia. Appa-LAY-shun if you live elsewhere. At least that's my impression, as a Louisianian who now lives in Appa-LATCH-a!

Hilda said...

Cool, I think that's exactly what my professor said back then! So since I'm in NY I'll have to keep calling it appa-lay-shun. Thank you for clearing that up!