Friday, March 25, 2005

Lingering fatigue

Last night was my first real practice session in four days and of course it sucked. Sunday - Wednesday all I was able to squeeze in were some scales and long tones and a small amount of work on my exercises.

I was very tired and discouraged last night but I forced myself to put in the full hour. I was kind of having fun by the end but when the hour was up I just stopped and went upstairs to bed.

The good news is that I was playing on one of the reeds I'm breaking in and the reed is working out pretty well so far. The sound is decent I think. The other reed I'm trying to break in needs some adjusting. I will clip its tip this weekend and maybe work on the back some. The bad news is that the reed I had been playing on is definitely heading towards its demise. It was already getting weak and I scraped it across a table by mistake over the weekend. I will still use it when I need something that plays very soft (like when I really don't feel like practicing downstairs).

Tonight should be a better session. I hope!

And I was so proud of pulling off the three late nights to study for my test. I hadn't been able to stay up late in a while. But I guess now I'm paying the price.

Zzzzzzzzzzz . . .


Rebecca Hartong said...

Hello Hilda! How true -- not playing for a few days can really wreak havoc on us oboe newbies. I've been playing for about a year and a half now and I still really notice it if I take a day or two off.

So you're in in love with the E major scale, too, eh? How about D-flat Major? There's another good one for practicing the left hand D-sharp/E-flat!

I'm impressed that you're already learning how to adjust your reeds! My teacher is only just now starting to "talk about" the *possiblity* of me buying a knife and learning to make simple adjustments.

Fortunately, he makes my reeds for me (and very good reeds they are!) and he's always adjusting them as needed at my weekly lessons.

Good luck to you on your oboe endeavor! I'll be interested in reading future installments of your blog.

Hilda said...

Hi Rebecca! Welcome to my little blog. I'm so happy to see you here. :)

So you're playing in a community band after a year an a half? Congratulations! This gives me hope that by some time next year I too might be playing with others. When I first started this instrument I figured it would take me 10 years. I seriously thought that! Then I dropped it down to 5 to get into a little ensemble after I heard how good this young guy sounded in 6 years. But recently my teacher said it wouldn't take that long at all to get into a learning ensemble. So now I'm just trying my darndest to play in tune and get a better sound. How long does it take until you are consistently in tune? Does it depend mostly on the reed or both on the reed and embouchure?

D-flat major! *shiver*

You're lucky your teacher is making nice reeds for you. Though learning about reed making has been fun I wish that in the meantime my teacher would send me home with something good to practice on (rather than me having to depend on my unskilled scraping). I think it takes quite some time to get decent at reed making so a part of me feels at a disadvantage by starting this so soon. I don't know what I'm doing!

Best wishes to you too and hope to see you around.